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Think modern, avant-garde, and daring. Express your unique style with bold colors, unexpected textures, and architectural silhouettes. Be the masterpiece that complements the art on display. Whether it's a sculptural dress that defies gravity, a suit reimagined with innovative cuts, or an outfit that blends art and fashion seamlessly, let your creativity flow and make a statement that's as unforgettable as the night itself. Need Inspiration? Colors: Electric blues, vibrant oranges, metallics, and daring neons Textures: Feathers, sequins, latex, vinyl, and unconventional fabrics Silhouettes: Asymmetrical hemlines, oversized shapes, cutouts, and dramatic draping Accessories: Statement jewelry that doubles as wearable art, avant-garde headpieces, and bold footwear Let your attire be an extension of the art you love, and become a living masterpiece at ARTini!


As the night progresses the music turn up with the familiar pules and drive that moves us when at our favorite clubs around the world. ... Moody House Music From Someone Who Cares. Tulsa, OK based artist HeartWerk has established himself as an active part of the electronic music scene. Drawing influence from house, disco, techno, and beyond, HeartWerk is straightforward in capturing atmospheres through his brand of “moody house music”, and by being hard-at-work in building an electronic community. With release on True Romance, The Basement Discos, Low, Critique, LoDisco and more. With a love for music and an obsession with making people move on the dance floor. HeartWerk is known to create an ecstatic atmosphere for party goers and music heads alike. More at